Sciatica Treatment

1. Heat/Ice – A icy pack can reduce any type of inflammation and numbness associated with sciatic nerve pain or sore muscle tissues, assuaging a number of the pain associated with it, and ought to only be used when the pain is intense. Heat helps to increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to this specific area, and is usually only used when the intense pain decreases. Alternating both gives the best results.

2. Triggerpoint Therapy – Another sciatica treatment which some people find effective is to apply some pressure for about two minutes with a ball, or hard object, to the triggerpoint area.

3. Pillow – This sciatica treatment is often used and helpful in also relieving common back pain. Taking a pillow and placing it under your knees when you lie down, helps to relieve the pressure that the disc is putting on your sciatic nerve, thus, reducing the pain.

4. Warm Bath or Hydrotherapy – Taking a warm bath relieves sore muscles and relaxes the body. Soaking for about twenty minutes to two hours, helps reduce the pain caused from sciatic pain. If sitting is painful, a hot shower for about twenty minutes will do the same trick, but let the water rise in the tub if feasible to cover your feet. This warms up the venous blood that returns from your feet through your body.

5. Acupuncture – This age elderly Chinese method of pain treatment has gained popularity with people suffering from sciatica, and is effective. It is believed that acupuncture spreads out what is called the outside pathegen, activating Qi energy, which help to cease pain. This needs to be completed professionally.

6. Reflexology – This can be completed by yourself with a reflexology tool or your thumb. There’s two reflex points on your feet, and when pressure is applied there for a minute or, it relieves the pain from the sciatic nerve.

7. Back Pain Exercises – Most back pain exercises will include stretching and strengthening, helping to train the muscles to hold the backbone in an correct manner. The most effective back pain exercises for sciatica nerve pain include neck and shoulder stretches, back stretches, hip and buttock stretches, and hamstring stretches. These are always completed slowly and ought to only be held for about twenty seconds so you do not hurt yourself.

8. Massage Therapy – This is beneficial to most people with back pain and sciatic nerve pain. The Oriental and Western techniques are the most popular one’s used today, but caution must be taken as to what type of sciatic pain you have. You ought to get advice from an specialist in this field to select which would be the proper treatment for you.

9. Diet – Keeping yourself healthy today with proper nutrition, including vitamins and minerals, is always the right decision. People overweight or overweight ought to think about losing some weight in order to take the pressure off their spines. Eating a well balanced diet will improve your chances of beating sciatica. Lack of magnesium may cause tense, tight feeling muscles along with muscle spasms, and in turn, generate sciatic nerve pain.

10. Herbs – Herbs have been used throughout the centuries as a holistic approach to relieve the pain of positive disorders such as sciatica, arthritis, inflammation, muscles, injuries and wounds. Most of the conventional medicines today were at some time taken from a herb that was used lots of years ago but have since become commercialized.